SpokenLayer: now hear this

Here’s what happens when I explain SpokenLayer to most people: “SpokenLayer turns blog posts into audio.”“You mean they transcribe audio?”“No. They do the opposite.”“Why would anybody take perfectly good text that Google can see and turn it into audio? Is this just for blind people?” Good questions. The best answer I’ve seen is that at some pointContinue reading “SpokenLayer: now hear this”

Audience engagement

A few weeks ago in Beverly Hills, Maker Studios CEO Ynon Kreiz gave a talk on the viability of YouTube businesses and multichannel networks. It’s a fascinating space right now, with no shortage of strong opinions from people like Jason Calacanis, Mark Suster and Jason Calacanis. Maker’s network is on track to pass 5 billion monthly video views by the endContinue reading “Audience engagement”

If Nick Bradbury can work from home, so can I.

I’m in SF for the LAUNCH Mobile conference and my hotel is just a block away from the Automattic office, the headquarters of WordPress. I visited the old WordPress HQ at The Embarcadero on the waterfront the day after I pitched Crowd Fusion at TechCrunch 50 back in 2009, but they had to give that space up. I’dContinue reading “If Nick Bradbury can work from home, so can I.”