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As I walked up to Simon on Monday before our lunch meeting it was clear that I was mumbling to myself. He asked what I was saying and I explained that I’ve had an old ’70s song stuck in my head since last Wednesday.

The song that I couldn’t stop listening to? Gerry Rafferty’s Right Down The Line. It was in Lake Bell’s amazing movie In A World… I bought it that night and have now listened to it on loop 98 times according to iTunes.

He said he had a song stuck in his head too. I said, “Don’t tell me, it’s Wake Me Up by Avicii?” He double checked his phone. That was the one. Pretty freaky.

It’s further proof that I am, as Simon pointed out, the Rain Man of the Ceros team. Just call me Chief Savant.

I am a huge Incubus fan and according to iTunes I have listened to Aloe Blacc’s I Need A Dollar 91 times — also for several days on loop a while back. So how would I not love Wake Me Up? Swedish DJ Avicii wrote the music with Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger. The lyrics and vocals are by Aloe Blacc.

Here’s the Avicii video. Enjoy.

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