September is Bustin’ Out All Over

My favorite songs from Carousel are If I Loved You, which we used to sing a lot when I was a kid, and Soliloquy, where Billy Bigelow realizes that his child might be a girl and freaks out because he doesn’t know how to be a father to a girl.

June is Bustin’ Out All Over is a good song, but not as great as those two.

Plus it’s September. And it’s getting colder now. And what was I talking about?

Carousels. Right.

Brands can use Ceros to make embeddable carousels now. And there’s more Internet Explorer support, like 100% support for IE 10. And designers can replace images in the canvas without needing to re-upload and re-position them. And there’s more analytics control including the ability to embed other services like Google Analytics or Omniture.

It’s the fastest moving product team I’ve ever worked with.

Check out release 5.9.

Your marketing department will thank you.

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