Life is Good

More often than not, I wear a Life is Good t-shirt. I got one a long time ago and realized that when you wear it you aren’t allowed to complain.

If someone asks you how you’re doing and you start complaining, they can point to your shirt and say, “Really? But your shirt says Life is Good.”

These days I have a dozen Life is Good shirts, plus a couple of hats and some water bottles. My wife got me the hats when I had my scalp operated on. (I’m fine, thanks.)

I was getting dinner in Cape Cod a few weeks ago and didn’t realize that I was wearing both a Life is Good t-shirt and a Life is Good hat. I must have looked like a nutty walking billboard for the company. The restaurant owner asked me if I’d been to the Life is Good Festival and raved about how Dave Matthews and Ray LaMontagne have played there and how it’s a big fundraiser for charity. He was really passionate about the brand.

Their next festival is at Prowse Farm in Canton, MA this weekend. Somehow they figured out how to get Hall & Oates, Jack Johnson and Yo Gabba Gabba to share a concert stage. Seriously. Nice work.

My favorite one of their t-shirts has combined US and UK flags. Niki bought it when I combined US and UK companies last year. I’m having a lunch meeting with our CEO today, so I’ll be wearing that one. It’s one of the ways I like to show my continued faith in our merger.

And no, I’m not going to end this post by saying it.

I’m already wearing it.

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