ZZ Top Philosophy

I love puns. It’s one of the skills listed on my LinkedIn profile.

What could be more fun than blending together all the Spider-Man characters and U2 songs you can think of?

For a few years, I’ve had two ZZ Top songs about philosophy stuck in my brain. “I Woke Up With Would” and “She’s Got Legs, Therefore She Is.”

I knew there had to be more. Finally, here they are:

  • I Woke Up With Would
  • Heaven, Hell Or Heidegger
  • Existentialator
  • Cheap Sui Generis
  • She Loves My Aristotle
  • Tube Snake de Beauvoir
  • Got Me Under Plato
  • I said Lord take me downtown, I’m just lookin’ for Sun Tzu.
  • Viva Locke Vegas
  • Pearl Nietzsche
  • Sartre Dressed Man
  • My Head’s In Metaphysics
  • How, how, how, how?
  • She’s Got Legs, Therefore She Is
  • Gimme All Your Logic

I’m sure I probably missed a few, like I couldn’t think of anything for La Grange and Doubleback. The good news is that it’s all out of my head and into yours now.

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