Kangaroo standing desk

I do a lot of sitting in my home office, so a month ago I decided to get a standing desk. Before I even started researching them, I saw my Magento genius friend Bart Mroz post a picture of his new Kangaroo desk on Facebook.

So I compared a bunch of solutions and ordered a Kangaroo Pro from Ergo Desktop. They are sold out, so it took nearly a month to arrive. It’s a great standing desk. It was mostly assembled, but there was an extra bag of long bolts I had to add to keep my 15-pound 30″ Dell monitor from sagging forward and facing the ground. The process was tricky, but now I’m a Kangaroo expert.

Uncertified, of course.

Also featured in this basement office photo:

  • a picture of my wife in nursing school
  • a signed program from First Date on Broadway
  • a heavy metal Iron Man statue from Ceros CEO Simon Berg
  • one of the two incredible 4×8 whiteboards Jason gave me when he moved to L.A.
  • a Question poster signed by the creative team my ComicMix partners gave me
  • my ever-present Starbucks Trenta green iced tea

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