Mary-Kate Olsen and Uncle Jesse

A few weeks ago, I saw Willie Nelson at the Capital Theater in Port Chester, NY. It’s a great place to see a show and I’m a huge Willie Nelson fan. It was a great show.

I sat right across the aisle from Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy. It’s pretty wild because my kids watched a Full House marathon during a vacation earlier this year. Now when it’s time to pick a show for the family to watch, one of them always picks Full House. I never watched it the first time around, but I’ve now seen more than a dozen episodes. It’s a trip.

First, that is a bold move by Olivier taking his girlfriend to see the very talented 80-year-old Willie Nelson when she obviously likes much older men.

Second, as I was watching her leave the show I realized the connection. She loves guys who play Uncle Jesse! John Stamos was Uncle Jesse in Full House and Willie Nelson played Uncle Jesse in the two Dukes of Hazzard movies.

Crazy, right?

Here is Willie on stage signing autographs at the end of the show as Olivier wisely rushes Mary-Kate out of the theater.

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