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A few weeks ago in Beverly Hills, Maker Studios CEO Ynon Kreiz gave a talk on the viability of YouTube businesses and multichannel networks. It’s a fascinating space right now, with no shortage of strong opinions from people like Jason CalacanisMark Suster and Jason Calacanis.

Maker’s network is on track to pass 5 billion monthly video views by the end of the year and the Makers video audience reach is second only to YouTube’s own. I know a bunch of executives and investors at Makers. It’s an exciting time for them.

Kreiz talked about off-YouTube monetization strategies, branded videos and building out sales and engineering teams. The article pointed out that platforms like these “can only succeed to the extent that they enable creators to more effectively engage with their audiences.”

I couldn’t agree more.

That’s exactly what Ceros does. Ceros helps content creators engage their audiences more effectively. It’s a big improvement over what we were able to do with Crowd Fusion’s open-ended CMS.

And it’s exactly what every platform maker should be doing.

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