Interactive brand content

The Ceros product team moves so quickly. New major versions of the world’s best brand publishing SaaS platform appear every few weeks. I mentioned that Ceros added custom canvas sizes in the latest release, but there was so much more. The product added 28 new font choices. The team solved some incredible cross-platform font parity issues. They added 54Continue reading “Interactive brand content”

Who can take a song file, check for piracy?

The SoundCloud man can, the SoundCloud man can. The SoundCloud man can ’cause he checks the copyrights and makes the rights holders good. When I wrote about the best TV theme song ever, I wasn’t planning to include a YouTube video. I wanted to upload and MP3 of Sammy Davis Jr. singing the Hawaii Five-O themeContinue reading “Who can take a song file, check for piracy?”

Matchbox Twenty at Jones Beach

It’s okay to make fun of Matchbox Twenty. Although they were originally described as radio-friendly grunge, they’re a mainstream rock band. In fact, they named their greatest hits album Exile on Mainstream — both a nod to the Rolling Stones double album Exile on Main Street and a joke about how they’ve been “banished” to middle-of-the-road massive commercial success.Continue reading “Matchbox Twenty at Jones Beach”