You Can Count On Me

When we were building The Daily, we built a pretty deep digital asset management system (DAM). The Daily was known for great layouts and high quality original videos, but it was also amazing for audio. Not only could the editors upload audio files to use in their articles, but readers could leave both text comments and audio comments.

Crazy, right? People were singing comments into their iPads!

I have no idea what we used for testing image and video uploads. But for audio, there was only one MP3 that could handle the job: Sammy Davis, Jr. doing the Hawaii 5-0 theme song. The one with lyrics!

Check it out on YouTube, it’s life-changing:

If you get in trouble, bring it home to me.
Whether I am near you, or across the sea.

I will think of something to do.
I’ll be on the lookout for you.
And I’ll find you — you can count on me.

And don’t you let ’em get you, up against the wall.
‘Cause I’ll be there to catch you, and I won’t let you fall.

Call me if they hit you below.
Call me when there’s nowhere to go.
And I’ll be there — you can count on me.

And if they all desert you, and you start to bend.
You know I won’t let them hurt you, and I don’t pretend.

Don’t call if you’ve got nothing to say.
Don’t call me if you just want to play.
But call me on Devil’s Day — you can count on me!

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