The Contently Show: How Nimble Publishers Survive

I met the Contently founders a long, long time ago when I was co-hosting the NYC Open Angel Forum. Of all the companies who pitched our audience of investors over Shake Shack burgers and beer, I think they’ve gone the farthest. I mean furthest. Anyway, they’re a great NYC startup success story and they interviewed me for theirContinue reading “The Contently Show: How Nimble Publishers Survive”

Entrepreneur’s 10 Questions on Mobile

Kim LaChance Shandrow, a great writer I worked with in the early Crowd Fusion days, is now writing for She interviewed me about building mobile web sites. Some of my answers were too long to make it in: Invoca is a cloud-based service for tracking inbound call activity. When I first saw them years ago, theyContinue reading “Entrepreneur’s 10 Questions on Mobile”

CNN Money: How to survive a merger

Mergers are risky, and the chance for failure is high: Two-thirds of corporate marriages fail to produce enough financial gains to justify their cost. There’s some good advice from CNN Money on successful mergers today and it has quotes from Ceros CEO Simon Berg. When I talked to Simon about acquiring Ceros in early 2012, he hadContinue reading “CNN Money: How to survive a merger”