Entrepreneur’s 10 Questions on Mobile

Kim LaChance Shandrow, a great writer I worked with in the early Crowd Fusion days, is now writing for Entrepreneur.com. She interviewed me about building mobile web sites.

Some of my answers were too long to make it in:

Invoca is a cloud-based service for tracking inbound call activity. When I first saw them years ago, they were called RingRevenue and they were pushing businesses to show phone numbers in Google search ads. Now they’ve got 3,000 customers and have raised a ton of money. They’re here to stay.

Never forget that a customer who is checking out your business on their phone … is holding a phone.

I’m glad they kept that last line. I’ll be using that again the next time I give a talk on mobile.

Another recommendation that didn’t make the cut:

If you want to get a deeper understanding of the challenges and strategies for conquering mobile, visit A Book Apart. They have brief, laser-focused books written by industry experts. Mobile First and Content Strategy for Mobile are both incredible resources whether you are building mobile sites yourself or managing designers who are creating your mobile site.

Luckily, they kept another one of my favorite pieces of mobile development advice:

Make sure that you test your mobile site on as many devices as possible, not just the one your team or your CEO uses. Fortunately, most cities have a free mobile testing lab. It’s called Best Buy.


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