Should you apply to the LAUNCH Incubator?

It depends. It’s not for everyone. Only apply to the LAUNCH Incubator if you want to: get Jedi-level presentation training – which will help you… get a “yes” from every angel investor you talk to – which will help you… attract a world-class team – which will help you… build a world-class product – which is made better when you… getContinue reading “Should you apply to the LAUNCH Incubator?”

Make awesome possible

Yesterday, Jonathan George and I launched Recurrency on stage at the LAUNCH Festival. Leading up to our debut, we spent 12 weeks in the LAUNCH Incubator doing pitch rehearsals. That training was invaluable and some of the other incubator entrepreneurs will surely be lifelong friends. What is Recurrency? For supporters and super fans, it means giving money to creators theyContinue reading “Make awesome possible”