Secret Project X

Back in 2006 when Jason and I were working with some really talented people on a Digg-like social news version of Netscape, I called it Secret Project X. I even registered I love that name.

Some of the people from that same Netscape team were also busy working to get TMZ up and running on my old Blogsmith blog platform. I aged about 10 years that June.

Recently I wanted to let people on LinkedIn know that I was doing something new but I didn’t want to reveal the name or explain what it is yet, so I called it Secret Project X. When I co-hosted Jason’s LAUNCH Scale conference a few weeks ago I had them use that as my company name on my badge.

Then a strange thing happened. People — even people standing in front of me in clear view of my badge — asked me “What is Secret Group X?” or “What is Super Project X?” Very few people called it Secret Project X.

Lee from WearAway emailed me after the conference and got it right. She was one of the few.

It’s a good thing that Secret Project X isn’t the real name we’ll be using!

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