State of The Onion

The Onion Boxed Set Winners Dan Benjamin of Cary, NC (via Alexis Clay of Jacksonville, FL (via Sean Uberoi Kelly of Seattle, WA (via Kat Kinsman of Brooklyn, NY (via Scott Kubie of Des Moines, IA (via Thank you, Three Rivers Press!

They call it Slappa, Slappa, Slappa…

Slappa HardBody CD Case Grand Prize Winner Angela Mabray of Yukon, OK (via Slappa Runner-up Prize Winners Joshua Bean of Winston-Salem, NC (via Monica Horton of Suwanee, GA (via Dottie Priolo of Salinas, CA (via Stephanie Rossi of San Francisco, CA (via Spencer Dylan Smith of Oak Lawn, IL (via Your rugged, velvet-lined CD casesContinue reading “They call it Slappa, Slappa, Slappa…”

All your Basecamp belong to us?

On one of my other Web sites, they’re trying out a new project and communications management system for small teams called Basecamp. Built by the 37 Signals team, Basecamp claims to be “simple, elegant, powerful, fast, and usable” and it is. Some of the things Basecamp does already exists in a similar form in my Weblogs, Inc.Continue reading “All your Basecamp belong to us?”

The Bon Jovi Code (or Wanted Dead Or Alive)

I recently had an idea for an international murder mystery in which a noted cryptographer and a famed symbologist untangle dozens of clues that had been hidden in old ’80s songs and I couldn’t decide between my two favorite titles: “The Depeche Code” and “The Bon Jovi Code.” As I did more research on Depeche Mode and Bon Jovi I discovered thatContinue reading “The Bon Jovi Code (or Wanted Dead Or Alive)”

It creeps and leaps and glides and slides

Last night was the deadline for entering to win The Onion Platinum Prestige Encore Gold Premium Collector’s Collection. Tonight is the end of the Slappa HardBody Blogstakes. Winners will be chosen for both contests next week. Stopdesign’s Doug Bowman posted a glowing review of Blogstakes and promises to let everyone know if a free year of BrowserCam is as life-altering asContinue reading “It creeps and leaps and glides and slides”