Darby Conley is my best friend

As I watched Derek Jeter toss a ball to a young Yankees fan who was sitting front row at Fenway Park this afternoon, I imagined that the kid might go home thinking Derek Jeter is his new best friend. Maybe he’ll get calls from Derek on his cell phone, but Derek will have to suddenly get off of the line before any of his friends can get on and talk to the celebrity shortstop.

It reminded me of the weekly email I get from someone who found my Meet The Makers interview with Darby Conley and needs me to help get them in touch with their favorite cartoonist.

Darby and I talked for a little over an hour one afternoon. His syndicate never gave me his number. He called me and I never checked the Caller ID. The email address I have for him is the same AOL address everyone else has, but if I hear from him, I’ll let him know that you need to get in touch with him. And yes, I had a blast talking to him.

One of the first things they teach journalists (and groupies) is the difference between having a good one-time-thing and being in a relationship.

The second reminder was Niki IMing me today’s Get Fuzzy for a little pick-me-up, laugh-out-loud Sunday Bucky.

Darb? If you’re reading this, please call. I miss you!

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