The Dune Breakfast and The McGriddle

In November of 2001, I was the best man in a wedding at The Ocean Club in the Bahamas. It was scheduled to be an outdoor wedding, but a hard rain was falling and a hurricane was only days away. The hurricane would hit after we had safely traveled home and wipe out enough of the club that the honeymooning couple would have to relocate to Atlantis.

What do I remember most about that weekend?

Was it Megan dancing with the waiters? No. Watching the World Series in November? Nope. The DJ playing “Mandy?” Guess again. Damien’s never-ending toast? Honestly, if you hadn’t mentioned it, I would never have remembered that he was at the wedding.

Was it The Dune Breakfast? Dude, no fair. You read the subject line. Yes, it was The Dune Breakfast! (Sorry, Megan.)

I ate The Dune Breakfast two mornings in a row at the Dune restaurant. It arrived on a large black plate and consisted of three little mini-breakfasts. One was French Toast with mango sauce. Wow. The second was Eggs Benedict, which on its own would have been a top notch breakfast. The final member of this all-star team of breakfast foods was a potato pancake topped with sour cream and lox. I’m getting teary-eyed just describing it to you.

Since that trip, The Dune Breakfast has been the gold standard to which all other breakfasts are compared and only one breakfast food has challenged its status: the McGriddle.

You know how you go to McDonald’s and you want a McMuffin kind of sandwich, but you also want pancakes and you don’t really want to get the Deluxe Breakfast, which has pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns and one of those nasty biscuits? Well, McDonald’s had this genius idea called the McGriddle where they make muffins out of pancake batter and inject them with syrup. So you’re eating a pancake sandwich stuffed with sausage, eggs and cheese. Brilliant!

I was eating a McGriddle recently and I realized that I now liked McGriddles more than The Dune Breakfast. Was it because two and a half years had elapsed since I had eaten a Dune Breakfast or was the McGriddle really a superior meal?

I started planning an Ocean Club trip. I clicked several levels deep into their Flash-based Web site to find the Dune restaurant. It had some photos, but no details from the menu.

Then I decided to check out the McGriddle on McDonald’s Web site. What a big mistake.

The nutrition facts for Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles reveal some disturbing information about these sandwiches. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet — and best I can tell they’re talking about 2,000 calories for breakfast alone — a single McGriddle only provides me with 86% of my daily cholesterol requirement. How do I get that missing 14% and meet my breakfast nutrition goals?

When I tell you that the McGriddle has taken the place of The Dune Breakfast in my heart, I mean it literally.

I have to get back to building features for our Weblogs, Inc. sites. I have a renewed sense of urgency and a new goal: get more done so I can take time off and visit the Ocean Club again ($450-750 per night) and eat more Dune Breakfasts ($30 each as I recall).

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