Do your eyes water when you read The Onion?

I’ve got a great new Blogstakes contest: Win The Onion Platinum Prestige Encore Gold Premium Collector’s Collection. It’s three hot books from The Onion for the price of none. Seriously, blog this one. Then enter from your own blog so you can win two copies and give one to a friend. (There’s nothing in the rules that says youContinue reading “Do your eyes water when you read The Onion?”

Shake it like a BrowserCam picture

“A Free Year of BrowserCam” Grand Prize Winner Michael Howland of Hampton, VA (via BrowserCam Runner-up Prize Winners Adam Birkner of Little Rock, AR (via Gary Blunt of Brooklyn, NY (via Rob Brackett of Rochester, NY (via Jenny Cherif of Kirkland, WA (via L. Michelle Johnson of Sunnyvale, CA (via Tim Lawson of Ballwin, MOContinue reading “Shake it like a BrowserCam picture”

In the fresh

Clip-N-Seal Grand Prize Winner Anna Walker of Kissimmee, FL (via Clip-N-Seal Runner-up Prize Winners Ko-Eun Kim of Seattle, WA (via Dave Rutledge of St. Louis, MO (via Nathaniel Bishop of Old Saybrook, CT (via Jost Lunstroth of Houston, TX (via Congratulations to all ten of our first round of winners. Coming soon: new Blogstakes contestsContinue reading “In the fresh”