Get your clip on!

I sometimes worry that someone might be underwhelmed when their Blogstakes prize arrives, but letters like this give me the courage to carry on:

First of all, wow. What a great prize. When I came in the door dragging my two screaming kids in from school, I had only enough energy to open the box up and realize what it was and who it was from. I saw a couple bags of chips with the clips, and thought, “Hey, that’s neat.” Later when the kids were in bed and hubby and I dug through the box, I couldn’t believe how much stuff was there!

And I have to say that the clips are amazing. Even my 4-year-old can get the clip on. Those other clips that you buy at the store are hard to get on, and they don’t work. And I can finally stop using bread ties for the frozen bags in the freezer!

I’m so glad you liked them!

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