Obsess me, my sweet Obsessable you

This was a great week for Obsessable. Well, yeah, it was the only week ever for our little personal technology guide, but still. It was great. Here’s a recap of some of the news about our launch.

David Krug posted a little about Crowd Fusion and Obsessable: On Assembling Blog Dream Teams.

However, I really believe the web is huge and has many opportunities to expand and like their new blog Obsessable I don’t believe this website is about trying to compete with Engadget, or Gizmodo or any tech blog. I believe that they are realistically trying to build a company with a great publishing platform at its base.

Dan Frommer from Alley Insider was the first person to write about Obsessable the evening it launched: Crowd Fusion’s Gadget Site Obsessable.com Launches To Take On Engadget, Gizmodo.

Obsessable is a personal tech/gadget blog/site/aggregator with a twist: It’s built on a brand new, custom technology platform, which includes a lot of geeky database stuff, like the ability to automatically generate nifty comparison charts on the fly, like this one for HDTVs.

I don’t agree that Obsessable is directly targeting Engadget and Gizmodo and even Dan says it’s “no immediate threat to industry leaders”. Whew. That sure takes all the pressure off.

On the Inquisitr, ex-TechCrunch blogger Duncan Riley profiled Crowd Fusion: Weblogs Inc veterans launch new blog network.

The first site is impressive, and this is as smart a team as you could ever put together if you were starting a blog network from scratch. They know the business, and they know it well.

I also don’t get the obsession with building a CMS from scratch: it might make life easier but when you’re in the content game, your main concern should be the delivery of great content, and you don’t need a custom built CMS to do that.

It is an obsession of mine, isn’t it? One of my favorite things about that article (besides the comments) was the CrunchBase-style Crowd Fusion profile by TradeVibes/Qbase. Hard to tell if it’s better than the Crowd Fusion profile on CrunchBase or just has more stuff.

Pulse 2.0 also had us taking on the top gadget blogs in Gadget Blog War Heats Up; Obsessable.com Taking On Engadget, CrunchGear, and Gizmodo.

Obsessable has a long way to go before it can compete with the hits that those 3 gadget blogs receive, but I’m sure Obsessable will grow very fast.

Russell Heimlich says Obsessable.com Is Worth Obsessing About. Who am I to disagree?

Sean Percival likes our “curated aggregation” in his aptly-named post Obsessable Launches.

Kevin Tofel likes the concept which “actually melds several existing single-content approaches into a slick all-in-one package” in Obsessable: blog, news, product database and more.

The mother of all Obsessable reviews, however, was written by Marshall Kirkpatrick over on ReadWriteWeb for Blogging Dream Team Joins Forces to Challenge Engadget, TreeHugger and More.

Will a heavy duty publishing system help this new company challenge some of the biggest blogs on the web? The team involved certainly improves the odds.

The company’s first site launched this week and we got a look at the blog software powering it – both are beautiful.

Will a heavy duty publishing system help this new company challenge some of the biggest blogs on the web? The team involved certainly improves the odds.

One of his commenters suggested he was just pasting a press release of ours.

First, we didn’t have a press release. A bunch of reporters asked for one and I sent them two paragraphs from our about page instead. Marshall did actual research and it shows.

Second, I would never have put all of those details in a press release. I’m a “run the company in stealth mode” kind of guy and this article is more of a microscope than I like being under.

But I’m getting used to it.

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