How Jason and I created Engadget

Obsessable got a bunch of nice welcome posts from around the web yesterday.

One of them from Silicon Alley Insider was called “Crowd Fusion’s Gadget Site Launches To Take On Engadget, Gizmodo.” As much fun as that sounds, Obsessable wasn’t built to try and beat the top gadget blogs at breaking news about products that are being released six months from now.

I also see one big fact that needs to be corrected:

No immediate threat to industry leaders Engadget β€” which Alvey co-created with Jason Calacanis β€” or Gawker Media’s Gizmodo, but something to watch.

Dan got the “something to watch” part right, but saying Jason and I created Engadget is like saying Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman lead the Chicago Bulls to their last three championships. Peter Rojas created Engadget β€” top to bottom from the name to the tone. Jason and I were there for assists, collecting rebounds and throwing the occasional forearm.

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