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As I mentioned on Twitter, EZ Street didn’t get a Harvey Award tonight. That award went to the deliciously perverse — but retired, come on now! — webcomic strip Perry Bible Fellowship. Glenn has a complete list of Harvey Awards winners on ComicMix.

One of the other nominees in the webcomics category was Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a book that I’ve seen by the hundreds in shelves of many Barnes and Noble stores. After the awards show, Martha Thomases from ComicMix interviewed Jeff Kinney, the creator of the Diary series. I chatted with him and found out that he has kids who are a little too young for the books, 5 and 3 like mine. I also learned that his day job — which he has no plans to give up — is as a designer/developer on a massively multiplayer online game called Poptropica. After looking at the game’s home page, who wouldn’t have known it was related?

Jeff signed the book for my kids and I got some blurry iPhone pictures.

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