“Mr. Clean” House Peters, Jr. dies

Over a decade ago, when my wife and I were first dating, I shaved my head and got an earring and some quality sunglasses. I loved the look. Without the glasses, I looked a little like Mr. Clean. With them on, I’d love to think I looked like The Shield’s Vic Mackey, but I still had the beard. So maybe just from the nose up.

I still have two t-shirts from back then that Niki got me. One was a monopoly shirt that I’ll tell you about later, maybe. The other was a Mr. Clean t-shirt. I was newly bald the first time I wore it into the office of the startup I was working at and everyone cracked up. One of the guys was pointing at my shirt, then at my face, then back to my shirt.

Struggling startups. The impending dot com crash. Ah, the good old days.

House Peter, Jr., the actor who played Mr. Clean in television commercials in the late 1950’s and early 60’s died yesterday. He was 92. So today I’m wearing my Mr. Clean shirt and getting ready for the big Obsessable codejam that starts on Saturday.

Can he clean a kitchen sink? Quicker than a wink.
Can he clean a window sash? Faster than a flash.
Can he clean a dirty mirror? He’ll make it bright and clearer.
Can he clean a diamond ring? Mr. Clean cleans anything.

Update: C.K. IMed me and said he couldn’t imagine me without hair. So I found this old post which has the only bald picture of me I know of. Funny that in the comments Niki is talking about me looking like Mr. Clean.

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