Triple play

Niki, the boys and I spent the last four days in Cape Cod and on the last day of our trip I completed The Cape Cod Triathlon. I’m not sure if that’s its official name, but in the morning we played miniature golf, then Niki and I hit the batting cages and after that I did several minutes of intense trampolining at Jump On Us in West Yarmouth.

After beating me by four strokes the day before, Niki and I tied at golf. We both had a blast at the batting cages and did respectably well considering neither of us has swung at a pitch since we’ve known each other, which is more than eleven years. Surprisingly to me, I actually broke a sweat on the trampoline. I had no idea it was so much work.

Jump On Us has 16 trampolines arranged like pool tables in a pool hall, but level with the ground over five foot deep pits. You pay four dollars per person for ten minutes of jumping so money-wise I’m sure it’s cheaper than digging a hole in your backyard, building an enclosure with a roof and maintaining a bunch of trampolines.

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