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On Mother’s Day, I made a last-minute trip with my boys to get Niki some cards. We got a nice one from the two of them which basically said, “For Mother’s Day, we wanted to get you a gift certificate for the best dinner in town, but since it’s your special day, why should we make you cook?” How sweet.

For the one from me, I was looking at musical cards while the kids were running around. I listened to a couple of them before finding James Taylor’s How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You). Our wedding song was James Taylor’s Your Smiling Face, so I figured this would be perfect. We bought our cards, raced home and gave them to Niki.

Niki opened the one from the boys first. Then she opened mine and it started playing a really funky riff. James Brown started grunting. I couldn’t make out what he was singing, but later on I flipped it over and read the name of the song. It was James Brown and he was singing Mother Popcorn:

Some like ’em fat and some like em tall
Some like ’em short
Skinny legs and all
I like ’em tall
I like ’em proud
And when they walk
You know they draw a crowd!
See, you gotta have a mother for me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ah come on!

Good grief! I can’t believe I opened and listened to three other cards and then didn’t make sure the one I was buying was filed under the right label. What crazy Mother’s Day lyrics.

Live and learn. At least it wasn’t Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag or It’s a Man’s World.

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