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My first thought when I saw TMZ headlines months ago next to the new AOL mail client was, “Why aren’t they showing any from our blogs?” Of course, headlines from Autoblog and Slashfood get a 0.5% click-through while a headline about Lindsey Lohan’s latest cocaine-related carjacking chase gets a 125% click-through, so I didn’t complain. Much.

Reading all of this news about how Facebook is the new AOL Buddy List and seeing how many people can only understand what I did in blogging when I tell them that my platform is what TMZ runs on, I am now convinced that AOL will be undergoing another name change by the end of the year.

Last year it changed from America Online to AOL and this year AOL will rebrand itself as “TMZ.”

Soon we’ll all be using TMZ Mail, TMZ Messenger, the TMZ Client and TMZ Space (formerly known as AIM Pages).

TMZ will gain members at a rate AOL could never have dreamed of.

It’s going to happen.

I can feel it.

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