Why I am leaving AOL

Some of you have known for a while that I’m on my way out, but to others it’s likely to be a surprise.

Is it because they are prepping the company so they can sell it to Microsoft? No.

Is it because all of the management who paid attention to you and respected your business and your team was fired or has quit? No. If I was leaving over that, I would have done it when it happened at the end of last year.

Is it because AOL is where brands go to die? No. Some brands survive and some people are reporting that AOL is a breeding ground for hot new web 2.0 startup sites like Cindy Li’s Ficlets, which was a huge hit at SxSW among AOLers.

Here’s the deal: In 2003, Jason and I saw the future of publishing in blogs. Now in 2007, I have seen the future of publishing and it is Twitter.

With some funding of my own and some outside funding to be announced later this week, I snagged a hot domain name for it — twittersinc.com. I paid low six figures for the domain, but I think it really gets to the heart of the matter, like we did with Weblogs, Inc. This is professional twitting on a variety of consumer and trade topics. Our tagline will be “This is not your daughter’s Twitter!”

I was torn between that one and “To twitfinity and beyond!” Let me know what you think. I’m trying to be transparent here.

We are launching later on in April with eight twitter publications:

Engatwit: obsessively covering gadgets
Autotwit: what we’re driving, what the guy in front of us is driving
Twitfood: what we’re eating right this minute
Twitter Fanboy: constant updates on the Twitter phenomenon
Joytwit: can we twit and play Xbox at the same time?
Cinematwitical: what movies we’re watching right now
Twitting Baby: all about parenting
That’s Twit: healthy living while twitting

I am so excited about the potential for my next venture that I can barely contain myself!

If you are already twitting about any of these topics and want to do it for money or if you have a Twitter account with more than 500 followers and you’re looking for an acquisition, fill out the short survey form after the jump.

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