Putting the twit in Twitter

Twitter is this crazy new service for teenage girls that let’s them update their friends all day long so everyone knows what everyone else is doing. It’s like the status message on your IM client, but instead of changing between “Idle” and “Away” and “Online” you can tell your friends that you are “going shopping,” “getting my hair done” or “shaving my legs” and those status messages can be broadcast to their phones.

This year at SxSW, its the Year of Twitter. They have monitors that show you a stream of Twitter statuses and my whole team is getting Twitter update text messages on their cell phones around the clock.

The crazy thing is that as long as I’m hanging out with them, I don’t need to use the Twitter service myself.

I just listen:

“Now C.K. is going to take a shower.”

“Now C.K. is having a meatgasm.”

“Now C.K. is awake.”

“Now C.K. is having lunch lunch lunch.”

“Now C.K.’s parrots are fighting.”

“Now C.K. is telling an awesome muffin joke.”

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