Having a blast with Jack

Jack and I played in the backyard for an hour two days ago. Our backyard was covered in a foot of snow with a layer of hard frozen snow on top. Jack walked across it with no trouble, but most of the time when I took a step my foot went through. Jack played on his swing set and marveled at a pretty large rubber ball that was barely poking through the snow.

After we came back inside, I told him that I had a blast with him. He asked me what that meant. I explained that I had such a good time playing with him that I felt like I was taking off in a rocket ship — blast off. I asked him if he had a blast too and he said no, he didn’t feel like he was a rocket ship taking off. I told him it was just an expression and that I wasn’t really going to take off into the sky. He assured me that he still never once felt like he was a rocket ship.

“You had a blast daddy. I just had fun.”

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