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Interesting story in Valleywag yesterday about how I’m pissing off John Battelle by squatting his nom du com, JohnBattelle.com. I happened to be the registrant for all domains Jason had back in the Silicon Alley Reporter days and I don’t think I’ve ever met John Battelle, so it would be kind of silly for him to be mad at me. Fortunately, Valleywag did an update that explains why the domain registration has my name on it. Between SAR, Weblogs, Inc. and my own projects I have had my name on at least 3000 domain registrations so maybe I have more enemies than I’m aware of.

I must add that I’m a huge fan of Battelle’s Web 2.0 event since AOL CEO Jon Miller confirmed the Weblogs, Inc. deal on his stage last October. Who wouldn’t love an event like that?

Thanks to Valleywag for putting so much time and effort into the infographic and for using a more flattering picture than Jason’s.

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