Heart like a gun was just half of the battle

Seeing Glenn Tilbrook play live rolls back time a decade or two for me. Of course closing down the bar he’s playing in at 3am rolls that clock forward again and then some…

The Peak’s birthday show on Friday was a blast. We met some good people including some of the DJs, we heard a decent set from Jeffrey Gaines — who is best known right now for a live soulful cover of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes, but thankfully only did a few lines of that one before doing Tom Petty’s The Waiting instead — and I got to hang out with Glenn afterwards in his rock star tour bus.

Glenn did his usual Best of Squeeze: Pulling MusselsTemptedBlack Coffee in BedHourglassAnnie Get Your Gun and Messed Around. He did Letting Go from Play and a recent solo song called Hostage. When he did Piccadilly from East Side Story the whole crowd shouted out the line “Heart like a gun was just half of the battle” over and over and Niki, who had stepped away, thought the place must be filled with Squeeze fanatics. Not so, I explained. Glenn gave us instructions before he began the song.

My sister got us on the guest list after the show was sold out so we thanked her by calling her repeatedly during the show so she could hear bits and pieces. Thanks, Jenn!

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