Dave Gahan and me

Last night Niki and I saw Depeche Mode at Jones Beach. We will be spending a lot of time there this summer. We used to see six or eight shows a year there and then we had kids. I decided that it would be a good thing to start breaking away for concerts again — like the date nights some couples have, except it’s an hour away and it’s on the beach and there’s live music.

Neither of us had seen Depeche Mode before and it was a good show. Seeing them of course reminded me of one of the businesses I was considering before Jason and I decided to do Weblogs, Inc.

I had done my Meet The Makers event series and was gaining some fame in the web design community and one of the web designers I met mentioned that he was Dave Gahan‘s webmaster. “Perfect!” I said, trying to hide my enthusiasm a little. “Can you relay my business proposition to him?”

“I want to open a restaurant with Dave. We’ll call it ‘Pizza are Pizza’ and our tagline will be ‘I can’t understand what makes a man eat another brand. Help me understand.’ The highlight of the menu will be ‘Make your own pizza’ where you get to pick: your own … personal … cheeses!”

I never heard back from Dave or his webmaster so I partnered up with Jason instead and there I was last night — watching Dave from the crowd, imagining what we could have done together.

Now I’m hungry.

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