It creeps and leaps and glides and slides

Last night was the deadline for entering to win The Onion Platinum Prestige Encore Gold Premium Collector’s Collection. Tonight is the end of the Slappa HardBody Blogstakes. Winners will be chosen for both contests next week.

Stopdesign’s Doug Bowman posted a glowing review of Blogstakes and promises to let everyone know if a free year of BrowserCam is as life-altering as it sounds.

Over on the Web’s equivalent of The Sundance Channel (or would that be Bravo?), Jason is Blogging Sundance. While he posts interviews with all of the directors and movie stars he runs into, I’m building the publishing system that makes his journey blogable — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beware of the Blog

I once came across a Weblog that had a single entry. It went something like this: “I am posting this entry to my new Weblog as a reminder to myself to post something new every day and keep this Weblog fresh.”

Ironically, the blog had not been updated in months. That was the only entry ever!

I’ve spent a decade building electronic publishing systems and newsletter delivery tools so hundreds of people could effortlessly broadcast their thoughts and opinions to millions of other people. All that time I’ve been promising myself that when I had built the perfect system I would use it to make my own site — one that covered the topics I was interested in. That fantasy content management system has had many names and incarnations, but it was never a fit for what I planned on doing.

Now it finally exists. It’s called Weblogs, Inc. and you’re soaking in it.

Okay, it almost exists. I’m still adding new features every day, but I’m finally at the point where I can switch to the driver’s seat and take it for a spin along the coast before I put it back up on the hoist to try and figure out where that grinding sound is coming from.

Iraq of servers

After contacting and confirming all of the winners of our first two contests, we received a note from the Free Year of BrowserCam grand prize winner which contained the following:

I really appreciate this award and would like to make the most of it. However, I’m in the Army National Guard and my unit has been activated in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The orders are for 2 years, which would take me beyond Jan 1, 2005. If you could save the account, I’d really appreciate, if not, pass it on to someone who can make the most of it.


They’re holding your unlimited usage account for you as long as you need.

Come home safely!

Get your clip on!

I sometimes worry that someone might be underwhelmed when their Blogstakes prize arrives, but letters like this give me the courage to carry on:

First of all, wow. What a great prize. When I came in the door dragging my two screaming kids in from school, I had only enough energy to open the box up and realize what it was and who it was from. I saw a couple bags of chips with the clips, and thought, “Hey, that’s neat.” Later when the kids were in bed and hubby and I dug through the box, I couldn’t believe how much stuff was there!

And I have to say that the clips are amazing. Even my 4-year-old can get the clip on. Those other clips that you buy at the store are hard to get on, and they don’t work. And I can finally stop using bread ties for the frozen bags in the freezer!

I’m so glad you liked them!

Shake it like a BrowserCam picture

“A Free Year of BrowserCam” Grand Prize Winner

BrowserCam Runner-up Prize Winners

Congratulations to all twenty-two BrowserCam winners. I will be frequently checking your online portfolios to make sure that you’re creating top-notch cross-platform Web designs.

Frosted Blogstakes

I got my hands on some Slappa Hardbodies yesterday. No, no, no. They’re not what you think. They’re these rugged, velvet-lined CD cases that also hold all of your CD booklets.

They’d make a great Blogstakes contest.

I also got a copy of the ultimate guide to business blogging. That’s not what they’re calling it, but it is full of great advice for businesses looking to venture into blogging, case studies of business blogs (including our good friends at Clip-N-Seal) and somewhere around page 93 they mention one of my earlier rants.

Great work, Marketing Wonks!

Subliminal snowmen

Do yourself a favor and go see the new Will Ferrell film, Elf. Don’t be selfish; take a friend and share the laughs. Myself, I would go see it a twelfth time if I didn’t have so much self-restraint.

Do you like angelfish? If I wasn’t so concerned for their welfare, I would buy a barrelful of angelfish and throw in some squirrelfish and damselfish to help them with their self-esteem.

P.S. — Don’t go see Elf without reading The Da Vinci Code. I’m not saying that Elf’s plot is lacking anything in and of itself, but a seemingly simple story like Elf’s often reflects the perfect channel for hidden symbology. Elfmight make more sense once you’ve acquired that novel for your bookshelf.

In the fresh

Clip-N-Seal Grand Prize Winner

Clip-N-Seal Runner-up Prize Winners

Congratulations to all ten of our first round of winners.

Coming soon: new Blogstakes contests and we’ll be announcing the winners of our BrowserCam contest.