One down, one to go…

Feedback on the first Blogstakes design from a trusted critic has led me in a new direction — one that is more structured like the kind of sites I usually build and way less goofy. Maybe someday — when I know you a little better — I’ll show you the crazy design that never saw the light of day.

The Clip-n-Seal templates are in. I really like the designer they use. He turned in a really clean page with a soft palette and tasteful illustrations. Only one more contest to prep before we go live.

Blogstakes prepares for launch

My first Blogstakes design is complete and I don’t really know where it came from. Most of my site designs are more corporate and function-driven, but this one is bright and playful.

We’ve got two great contests signed up already and we’re just waiting for their page templates to come in so we can go live. Then we’ll confirm the prizes and set deadlines for the contests.

Let there be Blogstakes!

A good friend of a good friend asked me for my ideas on how to promote his new product online. I took my time getting back to him since I didn’t really have an answer for him. When I finally did respond, I suggested a contest site that could be easily linked to by blogs and that he should give out prizes to people who signed up and the blogs that sent them.

He didn’t have any way to collect the contest data and I’ve been creating sweepstakes Web sites for clients since 1996, so I created Blogstakes.