Pixar Does Marvel

C.K. Sample linked to this gorgeous picture of Tony Stark which showed how the Iron Man movie would look if it had been done by Pixar instead of Marvel. It made me wonder what Marvel movies would be like if Pixar made all of them, so I speculated in a bunch of tweets using the hashtag #PixarDoesMarvel.

Here they all are:

  • THOR STORY: When Beta Ray Buzz crash lands on earth, Thor and his warrior friends help him defeat evil emperor Grog.
  • A BUG’S WIFE: When Spider-Man is captured by the Sinister Six, Mary Jane Watson worries that he’ll miss their wedding.
  • MUTANTS, INC.: When Magneto captures Banshee to harness the power of his screams, Professor X’s students must save the day.
  • FINDING BARON NEMO: Captain America and amnesia-stricken Prince Namor search the globe for Baron Nemo during World War 2.
  • THE INCREDIBLES: It’s a movie about the Fantastic Four and this time Pixar doesn’t have to pretend that it isn’t.
  • SECRET CARS: Heroes and villains become cars and are forced to race each other on a planet created by the Toyota Beyonder.
  • GAMMATOUILLE: Chef Bruce Banner has a secret. He can only make his famous soup when he turns into the Hulk.
  • WOLV-E: He’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does is carve Sentinels into scraps in this alternate future.
  • UP NORTH: Canadian super team Alpha Flight travels to Paradise Falls after Snowbird is kidnapped by a discredited explorer.

Why yes, I do have three young children. How did you know?

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