Crowd Fusion is funded

Last week was fantastic. I was back from a week away with my family — mentally recharged and physically drained. I had played really hard in Cape Cod and was so happy to dive back into our amazing little project.

Velocity Interactive Group released some details on Crowd Fusion’s funding. Reading it now I just noticed how my contributions were edited. No offense to the other less famous people at our VC’s, but my original quote was:

There’s no better way to validate an early stage business like ours than to have smart people like Jon Miller, Ross Levinsohn, Alan Patricof and Marc Andreessen tell the world that they believe in what you’re doing enough to partner up with you.

Thank heaven for blogs.

Of course, there are way more people working with us than those four — specifically Ian Sigalow at Greycroft (who is now on our board) and Jorge Espinel at Velocity — but those are some fantastic investors, don’t you think? I am extremely happy with how our money raising project worked out. Jason was a great coach for me on that front.

Here are some more details on the funding:

  • Our valuation was “somewhere south of Facebook’s.”
  • Because Crowd Fusion didn’t exist when Jon Miller left AOL, Time Warner’s non-compete couldn’t block him from joining our board.

But seriously, there is some confusion as to whether Crowd Fusion is a publishing company or a platform company. I’ll have to do another post to clear that up better, but for now just know that we’re a publishing company with our own platform and both are named Crowd Fusion. Did that help?

We are not taking on hosting customers. ComicMix and all of our personal sites are enough of a distraction. Right now we are focused on building out some sample sites so we can show people how it all works. More news on that front coming soon.

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