ComicMix: Online Comic Book Reader 2.0

When we quietly released our new ComicMix comic book reader last Friday, one of our readers quickly wrote me and said, “Congratulations on the new Comics Reader at ComicMix. You’ve made the best reader around even better. Well done.”


We made the layout something way more useable thanks to input from our creators, our readers and some of the best designers I know — including some big suggestions from Mike Propst last year. I posted over on ComicMix today about the millions of new ways to navigate from page to page and many of the other improved reader features. And that’s just our online reader.

I know what you’re all thinking: “But how can you make a comic book reader application that doesn’t make me fill out a registration form or download and install software or force me to learn yet another slow-loading Flash interface?”

That’s easy. We respect our audience. We read these comics too.



Let me know what you think.

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