AOL changing its name to TMZ, part two

I wrote a silly post last week about AOL changing its name to TMZ and then I forgot about it.

Two nights ago I was at Rye Playland with Niki and our sons catching a free show from the Plain White T’s — that Hey There Delilah band — and letting the kids ride some of the safer-looking rides. I saw an email thread on my BlackBerry started by Jason about my TMZ name change idea getting picked up on a financial news site.

By yesterday morning the story had spread to more than a dozen sites.

Yesterday evening it was on Valleywag and Digg’s home page.

First, I have to say that I thought Valleywag snagging Owen Thomas was a great move — even before he wrote this piece and called my idea “brilliant.”

Second, I’m not sure what he means when he says “explain the joke” — what joke? Heh.

Here’s a quick round up of links related to the AOL->TMZ meme:

There are more than two dozen other sites out there covering the same story, but many of them are clipping sites which don’t add anything to the original story that they clipped.

Remember: it’s only a joke if it doesn’t happen.

UPDATE: I’ve collected a bunch of my favorite comments about the big name change.

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