Tubing or not tubing?

Yep, that is the question.

We’re on a family vacation in Colorado where Jack is going to learn to ski. He’ll be four in a few weeks and we felt we were running out of time to get him started on his Olympic training. The trip involves both skiing and tubing, so Niki got Jack prepped for the activities by showing him YouTube videos of people skiing and tubing so he’d know what it was all about.

Showing a kid videos of “how you tube” on YouTube is just hilarious to me. I know the founders weren’t thinking anyone would mistake them for a snow sports site when they named it YouTube, but it did the trick for us. Jack had no trouble hitting the slopes. He has little fear and lots of balance.

Niki’s training videos were a great idea. Since I used to ski a long time ago but never tubed, Jack explained to me that I would show him how to ski and he would teach me tubing. It’s great that in his head he has already visualized doing these things and has lots of confidence. That’s way better than him arriving here cold (so to speak) and being afraid of the mountain, snow and all the gear.

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