Get out of my dreams, get into my church

I had an odd dream with Jason in it last night. An appearance like that doesn’t happen as often as you’d think it does.

I was in a supermarket and he kept sending me a shopping list to my BlackBerry, complete with photos of sushi he wanted me to buy.

At one point in the dream he had taken my son to a Disney character breakfast where animated cartoon bugs wearing armor fly at you and you swat them around the room and they bounce off of the walls. I was watching the pictures of it on our camera and Niki asked why it takes longer to download pictures of Jason from our camera than pictures of us. I explained that it had to do with the broadband at the hotel and Jason being on the west coast, but then I realized that all pictures should download from the camera at the same speed — whether Jason is in them or not.

Later on Jason was telling me about the event he’s hosting in L.A. that he wanted me to attend even though I’d be missing my son’s birthday. The event was called True Clear. So in this dream he had become a Scientologist, not a member of the Kabbalah as I had always expected he would.

Their loss.

He’d be great in the Kabbalah, don’t you think? is still available.

I’m just saying…

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