Flight 26

If you have DirecTV, you have access to a couple of dozen XM satellite radio stations. My favorite one is Flight 26. They play pretty much everything The Peak plays, but with no DJs or commercials. The rare exception is a promo for something going on live on another XM station.

We had a friend over recently and left the sound on with the screen off. She asked if it was “that Westchester station,” meaning The Peak, but our FM tuner doesn’t work so I only listen to The Peak in the car. Inside the house, we listen to Flight 26.

They play healthy doses of Evanescence, Nickelback, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, KT Tunstall, 3 Doors Down, Rob Thomas, No Doubt, the Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, Keane, Snow Patrol and the Raconteurs, but what really impresses me is that they aren’t ashamed to add Kelly Clarkson to the mix. Come on, she rocks and you know it.

Can you love a DJ-free radio station that you only listen to on your television?

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