San Francisco, here I come

I have a four-year unbroken streak of Fall San Francisco trips that was in danger of not making it to year five, but AOL came through with a Web 2.0 Conference ticket for me.

In 2002, I did one of my Meet The Makers events in SF.

In 2003, I ended up out there doing some consulting work for the company that bought Jason’s VentureReporter product. They were SF-based and wanted to move the web app out there and I was the one-man tech team who created it, so Niki and Jack got to tag along and explore while I worked in their server room.

In 2004, Jason and I took a trip to the Valley to visit Google, Yahoo and a few other places and tell them about the wonders of Weblogs, Inc. Ah…good times. I have a nice Google beach towel from that trip. I kept all the good loot for myself.

In 2005, I abandoned Gavin and Mike in the middle of a CodeJam trip in White Plains with no warning to head to the Web 2.0 Conference. AOL was announcing the Weblogs acquisition and as I was getting on the plane I IMed Gavin the link of PaidContent breaking the news and didn’t give him an indication of whether it was a rumor of the truth. For the next 6 or 8 hours our blogger mailing list was abuzz with hundreds of “is it true?” messages. Yeah, it was true.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to see the cold, rainy San Francisco I’ve come to know and love again this year, but AOL got me a last-minute ticket to attend and I’m heading there tomorrow. I don’t foresee any Weblogs-level surprises, but you never know. I’ve got at least one announcement I’ve been sitting on…

If you’d like to get together with me and I haven’t already emailed you, please write me — or use my contact form — so we can meet up.

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