You’re the Kryptonian now, dog

A longtime reader and I have been having a debate about Krypto, the super dog that lived with Superboy (a.k.a. the Last Son of Krypton*) in Smallville. She read my post about Ace, the crime-fighting Bat hound and she took the position that Krypto was already the dog’s name before he was placed into the rocket ship that got knocked off-course and drifted for years before finally landing on earth years after Superboy had.

I disagreed. I’m pretty sure that “Krypto” was his Earth name and that his given Kryptonian name was Ken El.

Now if only there was a giant authoritative Internet comic book data repository I could turn to for a ruling on this one…

Maybe I should add “Ken El” to the Wikipedia’s Krypto entry before I reply?

* Last Son of Krypton: does not include last daughters of Krypton, last pets of Krypton, other last sons of Krypton, last robots of Krypton, last intelligent life forces of Krypton, last miniature cities in bottles of Krypton and any other last characters of Krypton to be introduced later.

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