Adventure’s his bread. Excitement’s his butter.

We have another one of those CodeJams coming up soon and the pressure is on me to make it as interesting as our last one.

This weekend Niki and I caught up on three episodes of Alias and three Sopranos. During one Alias they showed the Santa Monica pier, so I pointed out how we stayed nearby for our last CodeJam and some of the landmarks like the Pacific Coast Highway.

Then during Christopher’s trip to LA on the Sopranos, he stayed at our CodeJam hotel, the Viceroy. I showed Niki the lobby (where we saw Michelle Rodriguez from Lost doing an EW photo shoot), the bar, the pools (where we watched CSI: Miami shoot a scene one morning), the elevators where they hassle Ben Kingsley and the hotel room where Christopher does lines of coke with a prostitute. It was just like reliving our L.A. trip.

Business Week’s Jon Fine has the Viceroy on his list of product placements on The Sopranos so far this season. He comments that the Viceroy is “beachside” as long as by beachside you mean “across the street from the beach”. “Across a busy street and one long long block away from beachside” just doesn’t sound the same, does it?

I’m not sure I am going to be able to find us similar Hollywood-level excitement in Westchester.

Maybe we’ll just build some interesting stuff, get to know our two new team members and eat well. I’ll let you know if we do anything interesting.

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