Life’s a game made for everyone and love is the prize.

As I walked up to Simon on Monday before our lunch meeting it was clear that I was mumbling to myself. He asked what I was saying and I explained that I’ve had an old ’70s song stuck in my head since last Wednesday.

The song that I couldn’t stop listening to? Gerry Rafferty’s Right Down The Line. It was in Lake Bell’s amazing movie In A World… I bought it that night and have now listened to it on loop 98 times according to iTunes.

He said he had a song stuck in his head too. I said, “Don’t tell me, it’s Wake Me Up by Avicii?” He double checked his phone. That was the one. Pretty freaky.

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Twitter’s business model

I finally figured out a business model for Twitter. It’s advertising based and it only works if Twitter doesn’t solve their scaling problems.

The way I see it, the most the Twitter user base needs Twitter to be running smoothly is about fourteen hours a day. That leaves ten hours a day of those cute “please try again later” screens. As long as they can continue to add more people than they lose every day, I could see what I have in mind being a sustainable stream of income. Any large ad network — like Overture, Federated Media or AOL — would jump at the chance to get their pool of advertisers in front of this eternally patient, gullible audience.

I totally deserve a Twitter board seat for this.

Meeting Stan Lee

I’ve seen and met a lot of legendary creators at Comic-Con this week, but only one of them was Stan Lee. At the New York show I ran into him for about a second in the hallway when he was on his way to preside over his reality show contestants, just long enough to say hello.

This time I got the chance to thank him for the tour of Marvel that I got on my eleventh birthday. I’ll say more about that visit in the future, but for now here’s something for my scrapbook:

I hope that someday when I get my picture taken meeting Dave Grohl I am wearing my classic Spider-Man vs. Sandman t-shirt.

Names, names and more names

I watched a couple of our rocking TV Squad bloggers interview Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke on the set of Scrubs and when Joel Keller told Sarah that he’s from TV Squad, I got a little chill. That’s my name. I came up with “TV Squad.” How cool is that?

And that got me thinking — complete with a J.D.-style voiceover — about some of the companies and brands I’ve named over the years:

and the ones I didn’t name:

I’m still trying to get the Emurse guys to switch to “C.V. Wonder.” I’m telling you, I know what I’m doing here!

UPDATE: Since I wrote this I’ve added more:

  • ComicMix and the “We’ve got issues” tagline
  • Crowd Fusion and “It serves you right”
  • Obsessable, an adjective for gadget obsessions
  • Super Eco and “This planet means the world to us”
  • Recurrency and “Make awesome possible”
  • Clipisode and “Get your show on!”