“I’m Glad My Mom Died”

I’m Glad My Mom Died” is an incredible, well-written book — filled with gut punches. Highly recommended.

Early in her book, Jennette McCurdy’s mom flips out because her daughter might want to be a writer instead of an actress. Writers are frumpy and fat. Actresses are pretty and skinny. It’s sad, because by this point in the book it’s obvious that Jennette is an INCREDIBLE writer.

I have so many friends who are authors — journalists, bloggers, marketers, novelists. Jennette describes painful things in a casual, clear way. Several times I was struck by a story, stopped reading and realized my mouth was hanging open.

If I hadn’t known about all the abuse in Niki’s childhood, I’m not sure I could have appreciated what was going on with Jennette. Like how other people’s fertility problems didn’t fully register in my 20s the same way they did after our eight miscarriages.

My respect for the people in Jennette’s life who continue to look out for her is immense.

🙏 🙏 🙏

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