Tick, Tick… Boom!

[minor spoiler ahead]

My daughter and I watched Tick, Tick… Boom! We loved it. Andrew Garfield can sing. Vanessa Hudgens is a star. So underrated. And the Sunday brunch scene filled with legends from Broadway was a delight.

But one scene hit me hard that I wasn’t expecting.

It’s well known that Jonathan Larson died before getting to see his musical Rent open and go on to win Tonys and make millions of dollars. Before that he wrote Tick, Tick… Boom! Before that he spent eight years working on a futuristic rock musical called Superbia. There’s a scene in the movie where people finally get to see Superbia performed. The crowd loves it. He’s expecting that investors will love it too and write him a check and Superbia will be a career-defining achievement. But no one does. He’s crushed.

He asks his agent for advice. What is he supposed to do now?

You start writing the next one. And after you finish that one, you start the next. And on and on. That’s what it is to be a writer, honey.

It’s time to start writing the next one.

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