C.K. Sample isn’t living in a post-PC world yet, but I am

There’s a great post by C.K. called Dear Apple: You’re not “Post-PC” until you cut the cord.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m loving everything I’ve seen about the iPad 2 and I plan on grabbing one next Friday when they become available, but watching the event from Wednesdaythe use of the phrase “post-PC” was just blatantly incorrect.

I agree with C.K. that it’s really hard for Apple to declare PCs dead when you have to plug your iPhones and iPads into computers running iTunes to do anything, but I have the feeling that Steve Jobs has already planned all of this stuff out so perfectly that if it isn’t true today, it will be true soon.

You know how Apple designs iPhones and iPads with copy and paste, cameras, dozens of ports and 3D laser sensors and then they trim out the features so they can sell you a new iPad every year for the next 3 years?

I have plenty of faith in Apple to carry us into the magical post-PC age. I’m sure we’re just a software update or two away from full-on iTunes on my iPad without no PC required. When I close my eyes, I’m already there — waiting for C.K.

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