Strategic Conquest

My best friend in Texas, Chris Nottingham, asked me about an old computer wargame we used to play in college. He said his mother just got an iMac and he wanted to put that old game on there.

A quick Google search for “old mac game destroyer tank island” uncovered Strategic Conquest.

I spent so many days playing that game in college, sending airplanes on patrol, building factories and conquering cities. Chris and I were even co-generals for an epic war that lasted more than a weekend. We played the computer on its highest difficulty level and while we seemed like we were going to lose early on, we stuck it out and won. I think we took turns sleeping.

According to Wikipedia, Strategic Conquest wasn’t updated after 1998 and stopped working on the Mac OS a few years ago. It was amazing to read all about this long-gone game on Wikipedia. I’d never heard the phrase “fog of war” until now, but that’s exactly how it worked. Every location was dark and hidden until you explored it yourself — revealing land, sea and maybe an enemy unit.

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