When you say Crowd Fusion, you’ve said it all

About a month ago, I heard a beer commercial in my car and decided Crowd Fusion should have a more beer slogany slogan. Our current tagline is “It serves you right.” So I tweeted a few new slogan ideas:

I’m thinking about rewriting @crowdfusion‘s site to sound more like a beer commercial. People like beer commercials.
9:07 AM Apr 7th

Crowd Fusion is brewed with only the finest PHPs and cold-filtered using a node query language that has been in our family for generations.
9:12 AM Apr 7th

@MikeTRose added his own as well as the #cmsbeerads hash tag I forgot:

@frankensite “Straight from the code foothills of the Rockies, delivered ice cold to your browser.” #cmsbeerads
9:18 AM Apr 7th

I never think of adding a hashtag when I’m doing a series of tweets. @Baratunde does this. He expects his stuff to go viral. Oh well. Live and learn.

Next, I made fun of Drupal.

More for our site: “Please code responsibly. Friends don’t let friends use Drupal.” #cmsbeerads
10:06 AM Apr 7th

Then I ended it with my favorite slogan. It still seems like a great fit when you consider that Crowd Fusion does so much more than a blogging platform.

“I don’t always blog, but when I do I use Crowd Fusion. Stay snarky, my friends.” — The Most Interesting Blogger In The World #cmsbeerads
10:50 AM Apr 7th

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